Effective Ayurvedic Treatment

Dr.Sunil Kumar Vora, Ayurvedic Consultant is practicing Ayurveda since 30 yrs, with experience and based research.He has developed a non invasive,easy to use treatment for spine problems,joint pain,paralysis,tinnitus vertigo,imbalance,migrane,etc.

Benifiting from this treatment madality,many patients have been cured completely and many others have been relieved of their painful suffering.Most of the patients experience a betterment in health within 30-40 days of regular medication and guidance and the betterment gradually converts into complete relief from disease.

The medication is easy to take and so the treatment is home based(no need of hospitalization). All medicine used are herbal/ayurvedic and have no side effects.Patient using belt regularly,having traction at intervals or have been operated and yet not relieved of their problems have got great relif by Dr.Vora Ayurvedic Treatment.

In our ayurvedic treatment no need of BELT,TRACTION,OPERATION,PANCHAKARMA

Office Hours :

Pune:-Mon-Sat:10am-1pm and 6pm to 9pm
Mumbai:-2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.
11am to 3pm.



    Low cost treatment and homely medicine made me 100% fit.Dosen't require any operation or panchkarma.


  • " Positive Response from my body.

    After meeting Dr.Vora no problem in my knee and spine.I can stand,walk,sit properly with no issue.

  • " Frozen Shoulder Ingury.

    Dr.Vora gave me oil and tablets through which i fell difference in one month.After four month treatment each complaint got resolved.


Meet Our Team

Dr.SunilKumar Vora

B.A.M.S,Ayurvedic Consultant.


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